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Ski & Snowboard Tunes.

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$50 value Offer does not apply to any additional services the customer's ski/snowboard may need. Customer may have multiple pairs of skis/snowboards tuned, discount can also be applied to an odd number of skis. Example: tuning for 2 pairs of skis is $50. If the customer brings in 3 pairs of skis, the price is $75. If a customer brings in 4 pairs of skis, the price is $100 etc.
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Voted Canada's Best Ski Tunes

Even the best ski technician in the world couldn’t match the precision and consistency of the Swiss-built Montana tuning robots we employ.
MONTANA Crystal Glide
Ski Tune-Up
MONTANA Crystal Glide
Ski Tune-Up + Repair
Temperature Specific
Hot Wax

The Process

The machine grinds off about the same amount of base material as your finger-print.

Getting your skis or board sharpened and base ground will make your skiing and boarding experience safer and more fun. 
An extra wide grinding stone allows the robot to tune a pair of skis or one snowboard at a time. This process takes off a very fine layer of base material, cleaning minor scratches and printing a glide-enhancing structure in your base.

Remember that texture the base of your skis had when they were brand new? With the Montana robot we can bring old bases back to life or keep your skis as pristine as they ever were.
The Montana’s next generation measurement and guidance systems allow its tuning side edge belts to engage at the precise position, angle and pressure, in order to take off the correct amount of material. This gives your skis or board the right amount of edge hold necessary for those icy spots on the hill.
Using a diamond bedded stone, the base edge is polished the full length of the ski at the desired bevel angle without burring the edge.

The result is precision down to a tenth of a degree. We offer a radial tune, which means that the angle of the edge where it contacts the snow is 0.7° at the tip and 1° underfoot for optimal performance.
We throw in a buff wax with every tune.

All Tuning Services

Snowboard Tune without Bindings
Snowboard Tune with Bindings
Base Weld or Core Shots
Epoxy Repair
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Mounting Services

Ski Flat Mount: All outside parts
Ski Flat Mount: 1/3 Bought at Skiis & Biikes
Ski Flat Mount: 2/3 Bought at Skiis & Biikes
Ski Binding Adjustment
Track Binding Install and Adjustment

Bootfitting is our speciality.

Skiis & Biikes has been professionally fitting ski boots with care since 1978.

Boots that fit, guaranteed.

Every pair of ski boots from Skiis & Biikes comes with a custom fit from our expert staff. With our Boot Fit Guarantee, we will not only make sure that you find the right boots for your feet, but also take the time to fit that boot to the unique contours of each foot.

We employ a team of more than 25 top bootfitters with more than 300 years of combined experience. The culmination of their experience is a level of comfort and performance you’ve never experienced from a pair of ski boots.
Shop our expansive selection with help from our expert staff. We’ll help you choose the right boots for the best experience.
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Our bootfitters will tailor the liner, shell and footbed to fit your feet. Underappreciated, but utterly important, footbeds lay the foundation of a great skiing experience. 
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Let us know how your boots fit. If things aren’t exactly how you’d like them, come back for adjustments. We'll work with you until it’s perfect.

The details are important to us.

From custom footbeds to stretching, punching, grinding, heat moulding, cuff alignment and even planing and canting adjustments, our bootfitters will work with you until we have achieved the perfect fit. We strive to deliver the best fit in the industry because we care about your skiing experience.
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Custom Bootfitting Services

Ankle Punch
Toe Punch
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What to Expect:

• This may take a while, but all good things come in time. It can take upwards of 45 minutes to complete a proper bootfitting because we take our time to get it right and guarantee results.

• We recommend calling ahead to schedule a fitting to avoid the queue. Wear pants you can comfortably roll up to your knees and bring the same socks you will be skiing in. It may seem strange, but trim your toenails before a bootfitting too...sometimes it’s the littlest things that can affect how a boot fits.

• It’s helpful to bring your old ski boots as well. We like to get an idea of what you were skiing before and why you wanted to upgrade.

Kids' Half-Back Program

It can be difficult to keep kids outfitted with the right size ski gear when they’re growing so fast. With our Kids' Half-Back Program, parents can get money back on the gear their kids have outgrown.

The Process

STEP 1. Buy skis and boots new or used.
Visit us in store to shop a great selection of kids' ski gear, with the help of our expert staff...

OR from a great selection of secondhand kids’ gear.
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STEP 2. Bring it back and get half back, even if you bought it elsewhere.
When the skis and boots have been outgrown, bring them back and we’ll give you Skiis & Biikes store credit for half the value.

Have outgrown gear that was purchased elsewhere? No problem. We'll assess its value and give you half back.
When the kids out grow their gear, bring it back and we will give you half of what you paid last season in store credit. Store credit can be put towards any new or used kids' gear in store. If you bought it more than one season ago, get 1/4 back. If the equipment was purchased elsewhere, we'll assess its value.
STEP 3. Use store credit towards any kids stuff.
Put that store credit towards new or used kids’ gear that fits!


Skiing is a family sport.

We love to see families enjoying sport and the outdoors together, especially in this age of cellphones and social media. And, we understand it can be expensive trying to keep up with growing kids. With our Kids' Half-Back Program, we aim to keep skiing affordable for families.