Converting Commuters
Max Silverson
A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom. - Warren Miller

Why not use a bike for commuting? All too often we hear that home and work are a little to far apart for the masses to adopt bike commuting. Enter electric bikes: a great way to curb over dependence on vehicles and incorporate cycling into the lives for those who may not commute by bike otherwise.

E-bikes never really took off when the technology came out in the ‘90s because frankly, that technology wasn't good enough. In the years since, battery technology has improved drastically they are smaller and e-bikes are now capable of covering some serious ground. Speed and range have increased, off road capabilities have never been better, and the experience is the exact same as riding any other bike. Thanks to pedal assist technology, you simply pedal and go. You’re still working, you’re still pedaling, you’re still riding a bike, but you will go a lot faster, a lot farther and be a lot less sweaty when you arrive, if that’s your goal.

In recent years e-bikes have become considerably quieter and easier than ever to use. Electric bikes can also open up cycling to those who find themselves limited by age, fitness or injury. They also create an option for those open to biking, but who don’t because of the distance and terrain. Consider the broader implications: creating a more accessible outdoors means more people outside, less cars on the road and healthier impact on us and the air

Why not use a bike for commuting? All too often we find that the answer is distance. Read about why e-bikes might change the future of commuting.
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