Do Your Boots Fit?
"If you're not having your feet measured or being asked lots of questions about your expectations for your new ski boots, you may not be getting the boot fitting experience or end product you deserve."

How well do your ski boots fit? If you've ever spent time skiing in a pair of poorly-fitting boots, you understand the toll it takes on your feet and your fun. We believe that finding a great boot starts with the expertise of a trained bootfitter. If you're not having your feet measured or being asked lots of questions about your expectations for your new ski boots, you may not be getting the bootfitting experience or end product you deserve.

The boot is the most crucial piece of equipment because it's the connection between the skier and the ski. For higher performance, the closer and the more precise the fit needs to be. The more relaxed the fit is, the less power you'll have through your skis. Therefore, the bootfitter must pinpoint your expectations between performance and comfort to fit the balance that you'll be happy with.

So, how does one go about finding and fitting a pair of ski boots? Start by finding an experienced bootfitter who works out of a shop that carries several different manufacturers—because boots from different companies fit different foot shapes and it's important to find the option that fits best. Talk to them first and ensure you feel comfortable, as you might be spending a lot of time together. Once the process is underway, a good bootfitter will ask you to take off your shoes and socks, then step up on a raised bench to start the process of measuring your feet.

When it comes to the boot, there are three main aspects we can customize: the shell, the liner, and the footbed. The footbed is like an orthotic but made by a bootfitter, and is absolutely necessary for a good fit. Some can find a good fit with an off-the-shelf variety, while some feet need full customization. It might add to the price of the boot, but it is paramount for a good fit and good performance, especially if you're planning a lot of days out this season. After the footbed is installed, if there are any specific troublesome areas, we can punch or grind the spot on the shell and strategically increase the inner volume of the boot. The liner can be heat moulded to your foot and we can change it in almost infinite ways. Boot companies know that this boot fitting process is necessary, and the liners are engineered to allow for an impressive amount of customization.

With a great fitting boot, you will have more comfortable feet, warmer feet, and improved skiing performance. There is no substitute for an expert bootfitter.

We break down the ins and outs of bootfitting, and how to make the most of your experience.
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