How Often Should You Tune Your Skis?
Max Silverson
Tuning your skis will make them ski better and last longer. It's like getting an oil change for your car, you simply have to do it. But how often do you need to tune them? How much is too much?

We get a lot of questions about how often you should tune or wax your skis. The answer to that question really depends on how often you ski and in what snow conditions, but the answer is still basically the same: Regularly. 

Quite simply, the more you ski, the more wear and tear you’ll have on your skis, so “Regularly” will come in shorter intervals depending on how much time you spend on the slopes.  Snow conditions also have a variable effect on wear and tear; hard and icy snow will have a bigger impact on your equipment. More wear on the edges and more wear on the bases means you’ll need to tune those skis more often.

You’ll know it’s time for a tune-up by the look and feel of your skis. Take a look at the skis for a pretty good idea of whether or not they are in need of a tune-up. Burred edges and worn bases are easy to spot. If it’s not perfect, you will notice the difference on the snow. This is where the “feel” of the skis comes in. Dull edges make turns harder to initiate and harder to keep on track. Rough bases can feel sluggish and give a poppy, energetic ski a strikingly lethargic feel. Any ski that looks rough and performs even worse is overdue for a fresh tune.

Freshly tuned skis will feel more like they did on their first day on snow! Tuning however, is only half of the equation because skis need wax to survive just like humans need water. The Ptex base that skis are made of is a porous material. It’s designed to slide on snow in conjunction with wax that fills those pores. Without the wax water, dust and grime will take its place making the ski slower and less responsive.

But how often should you wax your skis? Waxing your skis before and after every use would not be too often, but that’s not exactly practical for anyone. We recommend you wax your skis as much as possible with the right wax for the temperature. It’s not necessarily about speed either—absolutely, a well-waxed pair of skis will be faster

How to tell if your skis need a tune by the look and feel of them.
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