Goretex Jacket Care Guide
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Why should I clean my jacket regularly?

Dirt buildup and body sweat/oils can change the integrity of the fabric and reduce the effectiveness of the waterproof treatments. 

How often should I wash my jacket?

Depending on the intensity of the activity you do, the average days for heavy use are 10 -12 days. When you notice your jacket is no longer beading water, it’s definitely time to throw it in the wash. 

How do I wash GoreTex?

Here is our step by step instructions for washing Goretex. 

  1. Close all pit zippers and the main zipper. Leave your pocket zippers open, this allows the inside of your pockets to be cleaned.

  1. Loosen any velcro cuffs and release the tension on all elastic drawcords.

  1. Place your garments in the washing machine along with the cleaning agent. We recommend washing at medium heat as well as doing a second cycle to avoid residual soap on the garment. At this point you can reapply DWR treatment with a wash in solution or wait to do a spray on treatment post wash. We recommend the NikWax Hardshell duo (sold together or separately) if you decide to wash in. 

  1. If you decide to spray your garment, we recommend NikWax TX Direct Spray On. Remove your jacket from the wash and shake off any excess water. Close all zippers and hang the jacket, spray on the face of the fabric. 

  1. Place your jacket in the dryer on medium heat for 40 -50 minutes or when the fabric is dry to touch, this means the DWR has been activated. 

Remember to always read the care instructions on your garment in case there are any special instructions!

Your jacket is your protection from the elements. Treat it well and prolong it's lifespan with treatment solutions. Here are some tips and tricks
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