Joy for Everyone!

Introducing the Joy Series from Head, a collection of skis designed specifically for women with a range covering beginners to the most advance skiers and all conditions. What makes these skis unlike any other skis on the market? We'll break it down for you right now.


Head has pulled out all the stops to increase stability and reduce vibrations. Each Joy ski has its own female specific geometry combined with women's camber and Era 3.0 technology.


Using superlight Karuba wood as the core and carbon embedded along the length of the ski, the joy series keeps the weight at minimum without compromising durability.


Every Joy ski has Graphene as part of the construction. The skis are able to have a thinner center shifting the weight front and back creating a unique weight distribution.

The Joy line is not a “shrink and pink” derivative of men’s skis, they are completely unique and specifically built for women. -

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Our Pick: Pure Joy

With such an amazing line up of skis it was hard to pick a ski to highlight, however one particular ski in the series really stood out to us. Packed with the performance and construction of a ski for an advance skill set and the sturdiness and control of a learning ski, the Pure joy was our top pick for womens beginner skis 2020.

As a beginner, you need to be able to manoeuvre your skis effortlessly through the crowds on the pistes, and these skis offer that maneuverability in spades. - Snow Magazine

The Pure Joy is a great option for skiers who are progressing from beginner level to intermediate. Not only is it great value at its price point but it also has several features that make them a comfortable ride.

One of the most mentioned advantages of this ski is how lightweight and easy to manage it is and the other is its short radius making turn initiations a breeze. The evolutionary rocker architecture 3.0 (ERA 3.0) provides camber under foot but an early rise in the tip of the ski.

We actually can't get over how soft and flexible this ski is! Keep in mind that for a more aggressive skier this may not be ideal.

Overall this is a ski built for first day skiers easing their way up the mountain, with so much value built in that will assist in building that beginner skier into the next level.

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Introducing the Head Joy Series, a line of skis dedicated to women of all levels.
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