Ready to Ride - Your Guide to Getting Ready for This Year's Ride to Conquer Cancer
Eva Navisotschnig
A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom. - Warren Miller

As a Premium Outfitter, we’re eager to help participants get the most out of their Ride to Conquer Cancer experience. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, we can help you have an enjoyable ride. 

Here are our essentials to get you started:

The Bike 

Once you’ve gotten yourself on the right bike for the distance, you’ll want to make sure it’s set up correctly. 200+ kilometers in two days is a lot of distance to be covering with an inefficient or uncomfortable bike fit. Plus, you’ll want to be comfortable as you start riding more and ramping up the distance. For best results through your preparation, you’ll want to keep your bike in good working condition, keeping tabs on wear and showing it some TLC regularly. Make sure to book a tuneup before the event. 

Regular Riding

Part of what makes the Ride to Conquer Cancer epic is the distance. We don’t recommend showing up on the day of, with little to no riding under your belt. If you’re a beginner, join a local group ride, whether it’s something organized by a shop or club, or just commit to riding with friends. Not only will this help with consistency, but it’ll also increase comfort when it comes to riding with large groups.

Photo Credits: Trek/Bontrager


The Ride requires that all participants wear ANSI, Snell, CPSC or ASTM approved helmets at all times. Choose a helmet that’s lightweight, aerodynamic, and properly fitted to your head. Your helmet shouldn’t be sliding around and fit snug on your head to provide maximum protection.


No matter how well we prepare for the Ride, flats happen. Be prepared with a saddle bag packed with supplies to handle anything the ride might throw at you. We suggest having at least one spare tube, tire levers, a small pump or CO2 cannister and a multi-tool with you. If the prospect of changing a flat is intimidating, don’t fret. We’ll be on the side of the road to help get your bike back on track.


Did you know that a 5% decrease in hydration can lead to a 20% decrease in productivity?

When riding, aim to drink at least one bottle per hour and make it easy by installing a pair of bottle cages to your bike for convenient access. It’s wise to practice drinking while riding on your training rides. You’ll reap the benefits of proper hydration and improved bike handling skills. Given the distance, it may be a good idea to throw some electrolytes into your bottles. Not only will this help with hydration, but it’ll also account for some easy calories.


Endurance riding requires eating. When it comes to ride food, there are plenty of options. It’s wise to experiment during your training rides to see what works best for you. For best results, avoid trying new foods on the day of the event. Typically, you should aim to eat 30-60 grams of carbohydrates per hour and be conscious of your sodium intake to offset all that sweating you’ll be doing.

Tip: if you’re going to go with packaged foods on the day, open the packages before you stuffing your jersey pockets.


The essentials include a breathable and sweat wicking cycling jersey, cycling shorts, gloves and glasses. If you’re comfortable on your bike and looking to increase your efficiency, clip in. You’ll reap the benefits of pushing and pulling when you pedal. Depending on the forecast, we recommend bringing a lightweight windbreaker or waterproof jacket that you can easily stow in your jersey’s back pocket with you.

Other Accessories

Participants are required to ride with a bell or horn on their bikes. You might also want to have a mirror mounted on your handlebars for an easier way to keep tabs on what’s going on behind you. A bike computer makes for a fun way to keep track of distance, especially during your preparation. Always have your mobile phone, ID, and health card with you in the event of an emergency.

As a proud Premium Outfitter of the Ride to Conquer Cancer, we’re pleased to offer all participants 10% off bikes, 15% off bike accessories and $50 off a Body Geometry Bike Fit. We’re also organizing bike clinics in our shops to get you ready for this epic event and we’ll be there with road side support.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, we can help you have an enjoyable Ride to Conquer Cancer experience. Read about our essentials to get you started.
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