Seven E-Bikes We Love
A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom. - Warren Miller

This year’s lineup of electric mountain bikes are designed to look and feel like unassisted mountain bikes. The pedal assist technology offers a natural feeling, with no learning curve. You’ll be able to get more laps in, or ride further (and without shuttling), thanks to all the get on and go features incorporated into these mountain machines. Plus, the uphill climbs are no longer an excuse to keep you away from enjoying rides.

Specialized Levo Fsr 6 Fattie Bikes

The Levo FSR 6 Fattie’s lightweight frame is strong and incredibly responsive. Its battery is fully integrated to the downtube, giving the motor upgraded power and making it quieter than ever. The instant engagement, heat management and disengagement from the gear box at top speed is the perfect blend for trail performance.  

Trek Powerfly FS 5 Bike

Trek’s Powerfly FS 5 is designed to seamlessly incorporate electric assist into your mountain biking adventures. It’s packed with features that, when coupled with the full suspension, create a true trail riding machine. Hello, powerful motor, smooth torque and improved battery integration.

Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Carbon 50 Bike

The Altitude Powerplay has the same geometry and suspension as the unassisted Altitude.This bike is special in that it really has that aggressive trail ride feel. The ultra short chainstay, super low center of gravity and powerplay drive system create a get on and go feel, with no learning curve. Expect smooth and instant power for a true mountain biking feel.

In the hybrid category, the e-bikes are so good you’ll be making up errands and excuses to ride every day.  Most include lights, fenders and a horn to help your ride safely, comfortably and confidently. Speed past daily car commuters with ease and show up to work with a smile on your face. These hybrid e-bikes are perfect for getting errands done, commuting to work and even getting out for a leisurely ride.

Evox City 520

The Evox City 520 Bike is the perfect leisure bike. It’s comfortable, light, stable and quiet, which means you’ll be the envy of the bike lane. Plus, it comes with front and rear fenders and a rear carrier.

Specialized Como 2.0 E- Bike

The Como 2.0 is perfect for anybody who wants help conquering a big commute. The more you pedal, the more the motor puts out, creating a fast and smooth, but silent ride. This durable and lightweight bike will leave non assist riders and car commuters in your dust.

Specialized Vado 3.0 Bike

Specialized’s Vado comes with all the extras, including a headlight, tail light and a horn for added safety. The bigger wheels can conquer varied terrain; whether on bumpy old roads, rocky trails or smooth pavement, this bike can handle it all. Plus, it comes with fenders to keep you comfortable even in the most inclement weather.

Trek Super Commuter +7 Bike

The Trek Super Commuter +7 is a durable bike that will last. This is a bike that will get you to where you need to go, regardless of terrain. Quality components and four power settings give all the comfort and control you could ever want.

Still not convinced? Check out why we think you should convert or come into your nearest store to test ride one.

This year’s lineup of electric bikes are designed to look and feel like unassisted bikes you’ll want to ride every day.
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