Skiis & Biikes Guide to Skiing
Devin Montgomery
A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom. - Warren Miller

Race Skis

Race skis are similar to carving skis but often higher performance and discipline specific. We carry multi-event skis for development skiers, slalom (SL) skis for tight radius course, giant slalom (GS) for long radius course and a small selection of super g skis for speed courses. We sponsor all Alpine Ontario athletes with exclusive ski, boot, binding prices and 20% discounts on other equipment.

Carving Skis

Carving skis are defined by a narrower waist width that or best suited for hardpack and groomed snow. They are quick from edge to edge and offer turn styles similar to that of either a SL ski or a GS ski.

All Mountain

All mountain skis, much like the name says can ski the full mountain. All mountain skis are defined by their versatility. Their wider waist width provides more float and stability allowing them to ski better in a variety of different snow conditions.

If you want to race, carve or learn skiing. We can help guide you through the types and categories.
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