Snowshoeing on a Small Group Adventure in the Dolomites
A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom. - Warren Miller

There are so many winter adventures to go on especially when it comes to alpine skiing. Have you ever considered doing something a little different this winter like a snowshoe adventure through the Dolomite mountain range? Tack it on to the end of your ski trip or do it on its own to change up your winter adventures.

But don't take our word for it, learn more from an expert snowshoe guide, Karl Mather:

How long have you been leading these trips?

I’ve been leading snowshoeing trips for over 15 years now and qualified as an International Mountain Leader in 2003.

What’s the average distance per day? Furthest distance?

Distances are obviously shorter than summer trips and are usually around the 10 to 12km Mark, but certainly fill your day.

Where have you travelled for snowshoeing?

I’ve led snowshoeing trips in Norway, France, Spain, Austria, Aosta Valley and Switzerland, but consider the Dolomites CIS trip to be the best as your snowshoeing journeys have a real purpose and destination.

How long are these trips and how often do you go snowshoeing?

Trips are generally a week long with five or six days walking, I’m usually snowshoeing for around 8 weeks a year with clients.

What are some training tips?

Walking, jogging, aerobics are amongst the best.

Is it a centre-based tour or point-to-point?

The Dolomites trip is centre based in a very nice hotel with an indoor pool and small spa area, ideal for relaxing after a great day on the hills.

How experienced do you have to be?

Ideally you are a regular walker, but for this trip you needn’t have any prior snowshoeing experience.

What type of equipment do you provide?

TSL Snowshoes and walking poles, we also provide safety equipment and show clients how to use it.

What are the packing essentials?

Decent walking boots, not trainers, waterproof outer garments, warm layers, good gloves & mittens plus a warm hat. Don’t skimp on warm clothing as it can get cold. You will also need a 25 to 35 litre rucksack and a sit mat or yoga mat cut in half.

Can people who don’t snow-shoe join? (to go with a snowshoeing companion?)

Yes it’s possible, plenty to do in the hotel and area but something you need to discuss with the Exodus Sales team.

What are the age limits? – lower/upper ranges

16 plus usually those 16 to 18 are accompanied, if you are fit enough and a regular walker no real upper limit.

How often do you stop along the way? breaks & snacks?

Depends upon the weather! Lots of chats, falling down, a lunch break and more often than not a second lunch break in welcoming mountain huts proves popular. It’s a fun holiday!

What can they expect to see? Landscapes/Wildlife/Culture?

Incredible landscapes, often long views, wildlife a little scarce as they hear us coming, but you will be immersed in the local culture, history, legends and meet some great local characters.

What kind of food is available on these trips? Local/homecooked/restaurants/picnics?

Pretty much all home cooked, the hotel restaurant caters for all dietary needs, your leader will explain your requirements to the cooks and serving staff. On the walks we try to give you the opportunity to sample some fabulously tasty local dishes and tell you the story behind them.

Convinced? Learn more about how to book a snowshoe adventure:

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Trips to Consider:

Snowshoeing Adventures:

The Dolomites - 8 days - Level 3 (Moderate)

Finland - 8 days - Level 3 (Moderate)

Spain - 8 days - Level 3 (Moderate)

Other Winter Adventures:

Fat Biking in Finland - 4 days -Level 4 (Moderate/Challenging)

Lapland Wilderness Week - 8 days - Level 3 (Moderate)

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