Women's Specific Bikes
Eva Navisotschnig
A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom. - Warren Miller

There’s far more to women’s bikes than smaller frames and different colour ways. For some female riders, unisex bikes fail to provide comfort and performance, which is why we’re proud to offer a large selection of women’s specific bikes. Otherwise, handlebars tend to be too wide, the top tube too high or the cranks too long. While the approach to designing women’s specific bikes varies by manufacturer, the goal remains the same: to create bikes that fit every body without compromising performance.

Wondering which women's specific bike is the right one for you? Here are some models we’re excited about:

Specialized Vita Disc

The bike to step up your fitness game. Featuring a premium aluminum frame, it scores with stability, comfort and speed. With the Vita Disc, Specialized did a great job in adapting the bike’s geometry and its components to the body and needs of female riders. It features a Women’s Fitness Geometry with women’s tubesets and hourglass seatstays. The complimentary Riva Sport Plus saddle is designed with the anatomy of female sit bones in mind. Comfort guaranteed.

Electra Townie 7D

The Townie 7D is the go-to city ripper. Thanks to its seven gears, you’ll be able to tackle hills on your daily commute more easily than with the single speed version of this bike. With an upright, step-through geometry and Electra’s patented Flat Foot technology, it’s not only a very stylish city cruiser but above all a very comfortable one. We know that not all women are riding in skirts or dresses on their cruiser bike, but a step-through geometry has so much more to offer than that. It allows for confident cycling, easy mounting and dismounting and makes for a great option for shorter cyclists.

Devinci St.Tropez WF

Part of Devinci's versatile Hybrid Performance series, the St. Tropez combines the fast and lightweight characteristics of a road bike with the comfort and control of a mountain bike. The St. Tropez WF features an adapted frame geometry, that’s better suited for female riders than the unisex frame. Based on shorter average heights of women, it’s manufactured with a lower standover height and a shorter top tube giving you more control and confidence to hop on and off the bike quickly if you need to. The shorter top tube accommodates women with shorter torsos and results in a more upright position for a more comfortable and stable ride. The St. Tropez WF is equipped with an ATC WF, a women’s specific saddle.

Rocky Mountain Whistler 50 LO

A hardtail for adventurous commutes or rides on the dirt roads. The Rocky Mountain Whistler line offers a wide range of gears to get you over the hills and keep you moving on the flats. With its wider saddle, lower standover height, durable frame components and women’s specific geometry, the Whistler 50 LO is the ideal bike for the woman seeking a versatile hardtail. The Whistler 50 LO covers almost any terrain from climbing and descending mountain passes, to single tracks and trail riding until your daily commute.

Trek Lexa 3 WSD

For those female riders looking for a fast and lightweight entry-level road bike, look no further than the Trek Lexa 3 WSD. The sleek and durable Alpha Aluminum frame, its carbon forks and above all its women specific design turn the bike to the go-to choice for female roadies. Taller handlebar height and shorter reach create a more upright and therefore comfortable riding position and a more proportional fit. Lexa’s handlebars feature a shallow drop and a shorter reach, allowing easier access to the brakes and ensuring a more secure and stable ride. It also comes with Ajna, a women’s saddle designed with a specific curvature and a wider cutaway based on the anatomy of female sit bones creating a more comfortable riding experience.

Specialized Ariel Disc

For Specialized there’s no such thing as “shrink and pink.” All women’s specific bikes are designed to meet the needs of women who love to ride. If you need a bike to do it all, the Ariel Disc is a great option. This hybrid bike features a Women’s Custom tuned suspension and Multi-Circuit Damping fork that turns rough to smooth making paved roads and gravel paths equally comfortable. The women’s specific geometry creates an upright riding position and a shorter reach for a more confident ride. A wide range of gears helps you to get up the hills with ease and ups your fitness game to a whole new level.

Rocky Mountain RC 50 LO

The ideal combination of road bike performance and commuter comfort. The RC 50 LO is a fitness and commuter bike featuring a lightweight, vibration reducing carbon fiber fork, a 27-speed drivetrain and flat handlebars to keep you rolling with confidence as you increase your speeds on the different roads and paths this bike will take you. Lower standover height for easy mounting, shorter reach for confident riding and a wider women’s specific saddle for staying comfortable on your bike are highlights of the Ladies’ Only geometry of the RC 50 LO.

There’s far more to women’s bikes than smaller frames and different colour ways. Read about the bikes we're excited about this season.
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